Cloud-based Control of AGVs and Robots​

The Proof of Concept (PoC) successfully achieved several important objectives, demonstrating the capabilities of edge/cloud-based control systems:

AGV Control Loop: The PoC effectively showcased a real-time control loop for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), with the control software residing on an edge cloud. This setup enables remote operation of AGVs from a factory shop floor.

Integration of Robot Control: Additionally, the PoC demonstrated a real-time control loop for robots, with the robot mounted on an AGV. This integration underscores the system’s versatility to accommodate various robotic applications.

Robot-AGV Interaction: The PoC highlighted the interaction between robots and AGVs, particularly in a pick & place use-case scenario facilitated by marker-based localization control software on the edge cloud. This demonstrates the system’s capability to handle complex tasks requiring coordination between autonomous entities.

Real-time Telemetry Streaming: A notable accomplishment was the real-time streaming of telemetry data, enabling comprehensive monitoring and analysis of the traffic exchange between the shop floor and the edge cloud. This capability enhances operational visibility and supports proactive decision-making.

The PoC focused on a mobile manipulation scenario, where an AGV equipped with a robotic arm tended to a machine tool, utilizing image analytics and control logic deployed on the edge/cloud infrastructure. The system architecture leveraged the Data-Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems® (DDS) from the Object Management Group (OMG), facilitating seamless communication and coordination between different services.

The primary goal of the PoC was to demonstrate the adaptation of a use-case titled „Edge/Cloud-based control of automated guided vehicles.“ The setup included an AGV with a mounted robotic arm equipped with a camera, along with edge computing deployed as an edge data center (edge DC) connected to the shop floor via a Passive Optical Network (PON). WiFi 6 Optical Network Units (ONUs) were installed on the shop floor to support client roaming, ensuring robust connectivity and communication throughout the system.

PoC Team Members: Fraunhofer HHI, Fraunhofer IPK, German Edge Cloud, Huawei


Video material used with kind permission of Fraunhofer IPK.